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Welcome to Nolt#1

Hi there! Nolt is a beautiful, collaborative place for all your user requests – no more outdated spreadsheets or chaotic Trello boards. It’s super easy to get started and to master it! 💪

4 years ago

💡 The basics

Nolt has only four key components, but it comes with unlimited possibility:

  • Board – A Nolt board represents a project and is a collaborative location where users can make suggestions, collaborate, and vote on existing ideas.
  • Post – The fundamental unit of a board is a post. Posts are used to represent user requests and ideas.
  • Status – Statuses reflect the typical states a post can be in over its lifecycle. Assign a post to status to add it to the roadmap. Make as many statuses as you need.
  • Field – Custom fields let you add additional data to posts. You can create a field for priority, cost, or anything else that’s relevant to your unique needs. A Select field, for example, is perfect for tagging and categorizing your data.
4 years ago

💡 Know what has changed

Nolt makes collaboration a breeze by keeping track of all the changes made to a post, including title changes, status updates, and more.

4 years ago
Changed the title from "Welcome" to "Welcome to Nolt"
4 years ago

💡 Nolt has style

We support a selected subset of the Markdown syntax in comments and custom text fields, including [links](, **bold**, *italic*, lists, code blocks, and others.

4 years ago

💡 Linking posts

We believe that your posts should be free to coexist, intermingle, and link between one another, like your shower ideas – and all your non-shower ideas – throughout the day. Link posts by typing # followed by the first few letters and a suggestion box with posts will appear that match your text.

4 years ago

Let’s use this feature to continue your Nolt introduction in our next Welcome post: #2 😉

4 years ago