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Ability to block read receipts#299


I would like to be able to block read receipts from incoming emails.

3 months ago

Interesting tension with Read Receipts being one of the features others value in Newton and are looking to become more invasive by requesting geo-location (which has made it into the roadmap I believe.)

With increasing focus on privacy in apps it held like this could become an increasing point of tension.

3 months ago

WhatsApp has this reciprocal approach which seems fair. If you don’t want your read status to be reported, you can also not see those of others.

I am personally opting out, and I would prefer privacy over tracking, but apparently it is a big reason for keeping Newton afloat.

It might be naive, but I never saw the point. That I open an email doesn’t mean I have read it. For marketing purposes it is more about the numbers I guess.

Transparency goes a long way, so Newton might at some point dedicate a blog post to tracking and explain why it is powerful and how it is done ethically.

3 months ago