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Linux Client - Snap, Flatpak, or Appimage#300


Dear Newton Team,

I would like to first say you have an awesome product. It has great way of handling features and what you do have planned for the future seems great as well. What I would like to see is a Linux client for Linux users in the form of cross-linux packacge like a Snap, Flatpak, or Appimage.
One package than can be installed on any Linux flavor. A few already feature their app in the Snap appstore such as
How to build
Flatpak for Flathub
Appimage and

However they do not seem to offer what you offer in one package. I would gladly pay for your product if it were an option on Linux. I would hope that you give this some serious consideration as I would think many users would welcome your project, especially knowing the fact you will be opensource someday.

16 days ago

I am already a newton user and eagerly awaiting the day it comes to Linux. This could well be the one email app to rule them all other email apps on Linux.

4 days ago

I have to agree. Though I do not use Newton currently I know of several people who do. I was really impressed with what I saw. I was not exactly happy that Newton has yet to make a Linux Client, however I hope that in time they will. As you say this would be “the one email app to rule them all…”.

4 days ago