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Option to save all attachments to a specified folder (Windows)#325

Currently you need to click on each attachment in an email and each is sent to the “Download” folder. This is straightforward and simple. But there should also be an option to save to a specific folder. In addition, it should also be possible to save all the attachements in one go to a specified folder.

6 months ago

Are you talking on the desktop version? On Mac OS there is a ‘download all’ option above the attachements which downloads all the attached files into a new folder in my dowloads folder. Seems to do exactly what you’ve asked for. Also under preferences you can define where you want the dowloads to go. I’ve attached an image of what I see. On the left is the ‘download all’ option and on the right is the section in the Newton mail preferences where you can set the download options.

6 months ago

Hi Simon, the “Download All” option does not appear in the windows desktop version! Bhav

5 months ago