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Filter emails from the same sender#363


I want to request a quick way to filter emails from the same sender with a shortcut when currently reading an email. It seems like the only way is to do so is from the search box (from:<name>), but I would like that whenever I highlight an email, I can filter with a shortcut all other emails from the same sender.

I’ve used this in other email clients such as Airmail and Spark, and I find it extremely convenient.

Many thanks for considering my request.

a year ago

Yes, that would be super useful. Spark has this when you right-click and email address. See attached

10 months ago

Whoa, I wrote the same thing to them via email. They suggested I write it here. Here’s what I wrote them:

“What I’d love to be able to do is when an email is highlighted/focused, I’d be able to type a keyboard shortcut like (CMD + Shift + F) or something like that and the current email list would be filtered down to only emails from that sender, no typing necessary (quicker). I can then choose to select all and possibly bulk delete, or I can select specific emails and do what I want with them, and leave the unselected ones untouched. Then once I’m done dealing with that sender, I can enter the same keyboard shortcut to exit that filter and the full email list would appear again.”

The way I image the sender’s email to be displayed to show what the list is filtered by ISA in the attached photo. It uses a view that Newton already has.

2 months ago