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Review & Suggestions#368

I sent this as an email feedback, and Newton asked me to post it here. I didn’t wade through all the other suggestions, so if something is duplicated, my apologies. Here’s my feedback:

“Hi. I just subscribed to Newton. I have to admit that after years of free email, I cringe a little at the idea of paying, but I’ve decided that Newton is probably worth it.

I’m a hardcore Apple user (not technically, just user) and have been since the mid 1980s. I’ve tried tons of email apps and usually end up going back to Apple Mail. Most of the apps don’t give me what I want, but the big thing for me is that they are memory hogs that slow down my machines. If I could afford, or justify one of the high-end machines, I’d do that but I can’t so I don’t.

My only request, for now, would be a tagging feature so I can quickly categorize emails by subject/topic or whatever I want to call it; things like taxes, deductions, and for my writing, expenses, etc.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the app.”

10 months ago