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Remove multiple read receipt notifications#390

So after this last update it appears you not only receive an open/read receipt (how it’s always been), but now you get a notification any time they look at the email again.

I’m not entirely sure what purpose that serves since typically the most important notification is the first time the recipient opens the email.

There’s never been a case where I needed to know if a recipient has looked at an email multiple times in a day. That could just be me. But I don’t see a purpose for it.

I want to add that this becomes exceedingly annoying when there are multiple recipients on an email. For instance, I sent an email with two recipients. And I was getting notified every time each one of them looks at it again. Ultimately I had over 6 notifications at once that the email was looked at plus I was also getting notifications of previously opened emails as well. Often getting 10 notifications at once.

So it’s not just limited to the last email sent.

You can see how notifications can exponentially can grow just for a single receiver. Multiply that when I email multiple people in a day.

I’m not sure if there’s way too opt out of view notifications instead of open. I love read receipts but I’m not sure I can keep it on if I get notified every time someone looks at an email. Especially when there’s multiple recipients and especially when I get notified on past emails as well in the chain.

Here’s just an example of one email to the Newton support and how I received 7 different notifications just because they looked at the email. This is insane.

a month ago

I have the idea that it is a bug, and that I get notifications from mails that have not been reopend by the receiver.

11 days ago

I thought so too. But apparently, according to their support, it’s a built in feature. See screen shot.

11 days ago

I received several notifications saying that a business partner opened an email on several occasions, that would normally only have to be opened once. So in my opinion be a new feature, but there is a bug as well, resending the notification several times.

11 days ago

I’m 100% with you.

Even while emailing the support folks I was getting 6 notifications at once.

I still get them.

Here’s their response when I mentioned it.

It’s highly annoying as I’m sure you know. I email multiple clients all the time and sometimes getting over 50 notifications a day is insane b

11 days ago

Yes, quite agree, I use Newton on my mobile devices, and Apple mail on my Imac. Luckily I do most of the mails from my Imac. Anyway, it might be good if they want to keep this feature to be able to turbn it on or off. For me it is important to know that it has been opened, not how many times. For mails sent from my Imac I use the Mailbutler plugin, which works well also, but is more expensive.

11 days ago