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Text Color Problems with Dark Mode (Recipient sees white-on-white)#438

I’m having an intermittent problem where emails I send while in dark mode (both on macOS and iOS), will have some areas of text show up as white-on-white on the receiving end. This makes me look TOTALLY INSANE as it appears as though I responded to one part of a person’s email, but not the rest, or where I just have large amounts of white space in between the last sentence of the email and my signature.

10 days ago

The plot thickens… I was just writing an email in the iOS app, and was getting some serious lag issues, so exited the email and saved as a draft.

I then resumed the draft in the gmail app (also in dark mode) and arbitrarily, the second sentence of the email was invisible. The text was there, it was just dark on dark.

This really needs to get fixed.

2 days ago