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Please make automatically showing numbers as links optional in settings#580

Day three of my Newton trial. So far around six times I’ve clicked on order number links expecting to be taken to the invoice and Newton tries to make a phone call. It seems you are automatically making numbers links and trying to invoke Skype or any other telephony application. This may be useful for some users. For me, it’s nothing more than an annoying waste of my time.

Please make this an option in the settings.

So far I’m still thinking that I’ll subscribe, but honestly, the things I like about Newton are gradually being outweighed by annoyances like this, and not being able to set up multiple signature and bad handling of dark mode email formatting. If I subscribe it will probably be because I don’t want to waste the time I’ve already invested trying to get used to Newton rather than it being the answer to my email dreams. Why can’t any company, including Apple, actually make an email program that just works??

21 days ago