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White Background for Mail Button or Keyboard Shortcut#581

OK, so a few days ago I opened a suggestion to leave the background white when printing, but the as I’ve used Newton more and more in my work, I’m finding lots of cases of your Dark Mode formatting just not working. It seems that you try to make the mail background dark way too often. I just received a receipt for a transaction from PayPal and it’s a complete mess. My own newsletters also look pretty crappy because you change my slightly off-white background to dark gray and change all of my white text to a weird violet color.

I appreciate that you are trying to add the contrast required to make the email readable in Dark Mode, but it only works for around 50% of the email. I doubt that you’ll ever be able to really anticipate and reformat email to make them look great in Dark Mode, as there are just too many possibilities to cater for.

So, my suggestion is, either a toolbar button with a keyboard shortcut, or just a keyboard shortcut, that will essentially undo all of your reformatting to the email itself, but leave the rest of Newton alone. I have tried using Newton in Light mode to overcome the poor Dark mode formatting, but honestly, I can’t use it in Light mode. It looks terrible (IMHO) so I have to go back to Dark mode. I don’t mind having just the body of the mail with a white background though. Being able to turn this on or off easily when things look crap would be a huge help.

BTW, I’ve seen no indication that anyone from Newton is actually reading these suggestions. I’m on day three of my trial period, and currently very close to jumping off the fence in the direction of not subscribing. If I can get some indication that you will consider implementing some of the changes I’m suggesting, I’d feel much more comfortable subscribing.

20 days ago