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Different format for link in Todoist integration#615


I have a suggestion for reformatting the email link in the Todoist integration. It works as it currently is, but it would also work a different way—and the different way would make the link easier to work with in Todoist and other apps that I might connect with Todoist.

Currently, when I save an email to Todoist with the direct integration, it is formatted with the link to the email first, then the subject line in parentheses: <link to email> (<email subject>).

This works fine in Todoist. The email subject becomes the Task Name, and that name renders as a link leading to the email.

HOWEVER, there’s ANOTHER way it would also work fine in Todoist: <email subject>.

This produces the same result in Todoist, but makes it much smoother to integrate from there into OTHER apps, because that link format—text—is more widely recognized.

Is there any chance this could be changed, or that it could be an option in the integration?

Thank you!

a month ago