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Full Text Search / Faster search#622

The search capabilities and speed are extremely primitive on Newton Mail. We do not have full text search where for example if I put a phone number like xxx-xxx-xxxx the search actually index everything in the mail and return values based on my search criteria. If i search for xxx-xxx-xxxx, the resutls return the first xxx numbers within every email I have received. Or if I misspell something, it would be nice to actually return the value closest to what I intended to search for. I need to search for the exact word in order to get results, and thats if I am lucky and if the search just doesnt get stuck in the infinity search query with no return.

It would be nice if the app caches the search results on routine basis in the back so it would speed up the search the next time the user runs the search.

19 days ago

Easily the worst search ever. Worse than Gmail, worse than Outlook. Also takes forever for results to load and they load in a seemingly arbitrary order.

3 days ago