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Two nagging bugs that Newton fails to address#626

I am profoundly disappointed with the lack of technical support and inattention to bug fixes. I have two very troubling ones that you have totally ignored.

Templates. I have repeatedly told you how a template I created that consists of some text and ten PDFs fails to send. It will sit in the outbox forever unless I manually delete it.

Signatures. My signature has a PNG logo that intermittently fails. I cannot get it to display at all even if updating my signature.
I pay good money for your email client. You are NOT earning your fees at all to my way of thinking. I love the layout of Newton and continue to use it even though my university blocks it for my PHI sensitive Exchange email. But I will not pay again if you don’t shape up. And if you ignore my emails, I will ask for a reimbursement of this year’s subscription.

14 days ago

Another person having the same issue with template emails not sending! How come they have not addressed this issue? This has been reported many times.

5 days ago

They won’t respond. They have been not responding for over a year now. It’s a sad state of affairs for what was once the most beloved and fawned over email client.

3 days ago

To their credit, they did help me with my signature issue, but the template issue has not been addressed yet so far as I know.

3 days ago

So guys I took screenshots of the many times this issue was mentioned and sent an email to them. But knowing they won’t reply, I moved away from Newton completely. Currently using Edison - with no send later features - might move into Polymail.

Thankfully I was still under trial with 7 days remaining, so I didn’t have to pay their annual fee. I loved the simplicity and the smart features. But I reply on templates way too much for common enquiries.

Maybe if these issues get addressed, and I’m not tied down with another subscription, I’ll give Newton another go.

It feels wrong to give money to a company who doesn’t acknowledge or respond to customer complaints.

3 days ago