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HELLO? Anyone listening here?#645

Seems like most of these posts go unanswered and the ones that do are just fellow users chiming in with support for an idea. Newton folks, are you around?

2 months ago

I think they are actually doing work on it and pushing out updates without answering anything here. The search has been updated and is working fairly well these days (it used to to be terrible!). I dont think they keep things up to date here or answer any of the requests but I know they are working on them . I would check out Newton twitter account for updates and releases (a lot of releases happen in the back on the server side so there wont actually be any updates on the app side)

2 months ago

Thanks Ashkan. :)

2 months ago

Seems like newton it’s abandoned AGAIN. Can’t believe it.

13 days ago

I actually just got a message from them on Twitter after sending them a direct message:

Hello Ashkan, We have an update coming very soon with lots of changes, new features and improvements. Thanks.

13 days ago

I received that same message, two months ago.

13 days ago

Yeah, I am getting fed up too. I can just leave for superhuman and a better experience. Honestly with all these bugs and bad UX I don’t know what I am hanging on to anymore!

13 days ago

Superhuman it’s super expensive.

Spark works great too.

13 days ago

Yeah, but spark had horrible privacy issues associated with it apparently.

With superhuman at least I know what I am paying for actually works! I mean we are paying $50 for a half functioning broken email client now!

13 days ago

As the original poster of this thread:

I did reach out to Newton’s support over email and point out that this forum, which is listed as their primary means of support, was being abandoned and they should jump in on this thread at least.

They replied that they should but didn’t.

I wanted Newton to work. But this is poor form. I tried all the other mac mail clients that seemed reasonable and decided on Superhuman. Yes it costs money, but for me, the negative outcomes of losing track or ignoring email is much higher.

I don’t mind paying for software at all. I would have been keen to pay for Newton if that meant it had an enthusiastic team behind it.

Good luck all.

12 days ago

Can’t agree more Mike, thank you for keeping us up to date here as well. I believe I am done with Newton mail as well. It was nice while it lasted but this is just unacceptable.

12 days ago

I emailed the owner of Newton directly last week asking pretty much the same - has the app been abandoned again and pointing out lots of issues/flaws. He opened the email but didn’t bother replying. Says a lot.

11 days ago

To add - the owner has now replied and also is promising a big update soon which fixes a lot of issues. I’m holding on to see if/when this comes before leaving (I’ve been through both closures before). I really want it to be fixed and work but like most of you, am losing the faith…

11 days ago

Thanks for the update Ben, I guess let’s give it that one last chance! I’ve been through the past 2 shutdowns too so was really hoping they come around this time…let’s HODL as crypto bros put it!

11 days ago

It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped in on this whole Nolt forum, but while I agree that the upkeep here is a bit concerning, I defer to the App store’s log of updates and the time between them. Since the owners of Yac took over, there has been a fairly consistent rollout of fixes and improvements upon a pretty solid app…not perfect, but we’re all here for a reason aren’t we? Many of the items in the “In Progress” area here are actually complete… would be a “feel good” move if they’d just check those off!

I could be wrong, BUT I believe they may be also dealing with sunsetting of the scheduling service. I’m sure that integration was not an easy undertaking and now they’re probably having to figure out how to yank it out without angering everyone and/or whatever unfathomable things that accompany something like that.

It’s remarkable how much bad luck Newton has experienced in its lifetime. I too am a “2 shutdowner” with nothing but faith.

Yes we’re paying for a product, but from a cost to benefit perspective and a “my cost to their workload” perspective, I’m definitely giving them space and time before I get even remotely upset and jump ship…let alone put them on blast. Lest we forget they’ve had to deal with the same bedlam over the last 18 months, they’re human too…of course, not even remotely insinuating that anyone here has stated otherwise or is really being that contemptable. Everyone is airing some pretty valid frustrtaions for sure.

I just think, as avid supporters of the app who even take the time to contribute here, we should reserve our judgements with as many things considered and do so in a manner that is, yes, critical to encourage accountability, but also encouraging for such a small team doing what they’re doing. I know I’d probably shut out a forum that was nothing but (albeit rightfully) frustrated customers… not the right move, sure, but definitely human!

I mean… I think we could mostly agree that the previous Newton admin (or at least during the dark days of Essential) were truly the worst customer service and management I have ever experienced in any realm of business. The current team is wearing two hats: keeping code (that was ahead of its time) up to snuff with the insane evolution of OS’s across the industry, and mending customer relationships while also trying to stay innovative… so I gues that’s like two hats and a visor.

At the end of the day, I’d prefer they continue to focus on the former—keeping the beast running. The rest is really just noise from us :)

We can take our money and attention elsewhere if we’re truly that unhappy.

Just some thoughts. Thanks to the OP, Ahskan, and Ben for sharing their communication experiences… using their own tool against them with those read receipts 😂 I love it! haha

Cheers everyone!

9 days ago

Thanks for the reply Kyle, I agree with everything you say, no questions. But there are couple of points of concern that I have been raising:

  1. Newton is a multiplatform application and keeping all of these applications up to date is a hell of a work. That’s why companies usually don’t go multiplatform and focus on 1 platform, perfect them and then add the next. With all honesty, Newton has not perfected any of the platforms. All of them seems to be buggy and instead of fixing the existing issues, Newton is adding ne features that may be useful to 1% of the user’s (like

  2. Paying is not a problem, I would pay 3 times what they charge if things worked like they do with superhuman (literally white glove service). But they simply don’t. If I receive an email with a couple of large attachments, I’ll have to wait 10 minutes for the email to load. Most of my emails are time sensitive. Every minute counts for me to reply to emails. There are major bugs with the Mac OS version of the app as well. These are bugs that have been piling up for years and are getting worse.

Overall I love Newton, especially since I can setup all my emails and just download the app on any device and have 1 login and have all my settings load. But if I am unable to use the client and it is slow and buggy, then that cost benefit issue would make me want to reconsider.

They did fix the search, I am giving them a huge 2 thumbs up on that end, don’t want to only discuss the negatives here either.

They told me the update will be out late Q4 this year. Been with them for this long, I can wait another 4 months. Hope that update is something that would keep the Newton cult together!

9 days ago