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SetApp & Mobile App issue#659

Are any other SetApp users having an issue using the mobile app? The app keeps shutting down and telling me that I’m not an active SetApp user which is not the case…. I want to use both programs (desktop & mobile) but can’t transition until I can use both.

a month ago

Same Here. It’s been driving me NUTS! My ticket has been outstanding for several MONTHS. Newton never even bothered to reply…

23 days ago

Glad to hear I’m not alone….. I gave up on the app altogether.
Guess I’ll reach out to SetApp also.
Maybe they’ll help.

22 days ago

Same here! I was on trial period even I installed the Newton app from Setapp, I got kicked out from using Newton. My registered account is removed. I sent emails to support of Newton and Setapp, got no response!

3 days ago

Ok… So I finally figured this out! Thats the good news.
Here’s the solution… First you have to go into setapp and buy another “seat” for an additional $2.95/Month specifically for your phone. Then you have to go into the full setapp app and at the bottom of the categories on the left you will see Available on iOS and if you click there then click on the Newton all from the iOS App button to the right of the download/open it will give you a pop up and you have to scan that QR code which will request to open the Newton app and give you the access.

So for me, I am basically payig $36/year so in the end for me its only a $14/savings over just going straight to Newton originally.

2 days ago

So.. no joy for me. I’ve already been using a +1 seat for my mobile device and this has always happened… this is STILL happening. To date I STILL have not recieved a SINGLE response from Newton’s Team about this or any issue. This is absolutely ridiculous. I think I’m going to serve them with a CA Consumer Privacy Act request just to see if they actually repond to anything and they’re just choosing to ignore this issue because they can. CCPA has a bit of teeth to it. I’ll update the group on the response.

9 hours ago

Well here is the WORST PART! After spending all this time to get the iOS app working, I have now started to use the desktop app as well… Problem is, it has now crashed on my 4 times today!!!

Newton is total junk. They can’t get it working properly on either the desktop nor the iPhone…. Don’t waste your time with them, its not worth it.

I used to use the app years ago and loved it… then they shut down out of nowhere leaving me hanging and continuing to look endlessly for a program that could replace it…. well even though its the same name, this is NOT the program to replace it!

Honestly its terrible.

3 hours ago