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Allow new iCloud Hide My Email as aliases#664


I just tried to use the new iCloud Hide My Email by adding the address as an alias for the forwarding address is Newton. I got an error message asking me to set it up as an account instead, I think because Newton assumes all addresses are iCloud mail accounts and not the new Hide My Email forwarding addresses. Can Newton be updated to support Hide My Email addresses as aliases? I think Newton would compliment Hide My Email really well because using it as an alias would mean you can email someone first without giving them the address, and they will reply to the Hide My Email address and Newton is smart enough to keep replying from the alias. Apple Mail doesn’t even let you reply using the Hide My Email address.

Thank you for your help, and as ever thank you for making Newton.

Kind regards,

Fergal Armstrong

19 days ago

This is a great suggestion and I was only just looking at the Hide My Email address the other day after the IOS upgrade. Would be great if it can happen

19 days ago