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Any suggestions on Newton replacements?#677

Can’t stand using desktop Newton any more. Tired UI slows me down all day.

Right now using Gmail on the web with

Gmail on the web stinks out loud too.

Any real mail client out there with real time read / link click notifications and tracks read / link receipts for anyone on a string, decent UI and feature set?

a month ago

Not that I’ve found. I’ve been gone for 3-4 years and still trying to find a replacement.

24 days ago

I love Newton’s clean minimalistic interface and easy-to-use layout.

However I couldn’t trust Newton.
I could never be 100% sure my emails got through to my clients, sometimes they did, sometimes not.

Spark Mail is maybe the closest client to Newton for me. It’s been fast and reliable. Maybe I’m to picky, but it’s a couple of design choises on Spark I don’t like.

Now I’m using Apple Mail. Plain and boring, but with some “customization” it’s more minimalistic than Newton. And best of all, it’s relaible, never had an issue.

19 days ago

You can try canary mail, features are very close to newton

16 days ago

Spark isn’t perfect, but I’m headed back to it after the latest Newton update. Will check out Canary Mail, though–haven’t tried that.

7 days ago

Eh, I also expected something spectacular but overall it seems like they have fixed a lot of issues. They did again add some options that may not be as useful to all users like the zen inbox but they did address a lot of the concerns on the list. I guess I’ll give them another chance for the time being and see where it takes the app. I hope you can find something that fits your needs though. Try polymail too, it may give you options you are looking for.

7 days ago