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Making all emails in Inbox movable to other folder of our choice#679


Please make it possible to move emails sent by myself from Inbox to some other folder of my choice. This will be very helpful for me to better manage the emails in Inbox. Right now, any email that I send to others will appear in Inbox and CANNOT be moved to any other folder unless the recipient replies. But if the recipient does not reply, then the email will stay in Inbox forever unless I delete them! I can move them to Archive, but that is not efficient for me to manage emails. Prefer to move emails to specific folder of my choice. Also, emails moved to Archive in one device are not synced in any other device with the same Newton account! This is very annoying and makes it super hard to manage emails in Inbox. Please do take some actions on this. I am sure I am not the only one bothered by this issue. Thanks!

20 days ago