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New Newton#686

The new Newton that has been just released is just horrible.

In every possible way. It is very slow, the hotkeys are not workinging, the UI is bad.

I did not subscribe for this thing.

Any way to downgrade to the old one?

17 days ago

Agree! The UI feels so clunky. And it’s been crashing on me a ton.

14 days ago

The same with me. The update is terrible.

8 days ago

Worst of all, it doesn’t sync properly! We need a way to downgrade. Prediction: the Newton team ignores us and disappears for another year

8 days ago

I have emailed them 4 times, that I did not subscribe for this horrible service and asking for a downgrade link. Like I’ve been talking for the wall….

8 days ago

Newton has been my favorite email client for years. No more. This update is beyond terrible! Missing meial messages. No syncing. Slow. Slow Slow! Currently my Inbox has 1 new message from today–for 5 email accounts! I love all of then ew features–but the basic functions of receiving and swending email have to work!

6 days ago