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Please update the Mac M1 version of the app and replace the App Store version#738

If I download the app on the App Store on my Mac, it still downloads the Intel version that runs extremely slow on my M1 Macbook Air. Everything takes multiple seconds and it’s crashing too.

I recently realised that an M1 optimised version exists and can be donwloaded from the website. It runs well, however it hasn’t been updated with the new features the Intel and mobile versions have (unified folders, Zen mode etc..).

It’s a joke that all new Mac is with Apple Silicon now but Newton still promotes and updates the Intel version of the app and didn’t touch the M1 version.

They clearly don’t care about Newton

25 days ago

The header on the newton website still says “It’s 2021!”

Newton is dead. Again.

22 days ago

It’s a bit scary - I just got charged for the renewal and if the app is dead…. I am getting concerned.
I love Newton and I believe it’s one of the best email clients (design-wise) and I want to support the devs.

I just wish they would show some signs they are alive and maintain the app. 😨

10 days ago

I cancelled my renewal that was due a couple of days ago and I went back to Unibox (even though they disappeard too). I might subscribe again if they show some life. I haven’t got any response to support emails since January. Not responding to emails is too bad if you are an email app developer. :)

10 days ago

It’s worse. I’ve paid for my subscription but the app says I haven’t (although I have an invoice with ‘paid’) on it. No reply from support yet, but reading this I don’t think I can expect one soon…

8 days ago