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How about responding to email support inquiries#771

I logged out of Newton at the suggestion of support in the attempt to solve a syncing problem and have not been able to log back in. Support is not responding to emails and I am about to give up and go elasewhere which is a shame because I was a beta tester and was glad to help them. With all the negative reviews that I now see they’re probably getting zero new subscribers and will probably give up as they predecesor did

a month ago

The support is dead and not replying to any of us. You better find an alternative app to use such as Spark it is free.

24 days ago

I have renewed my subscription a week ago but the app still says I need to subscribe. Been emailing support for a week and got no response. Absolutely unacceptable.

13 days ago

Yes, I never seen a response ever… Use Spark, even AirMail (beta is free), Outlook, Even Canary thats part of Setapp, with more features, and works! … SMH – Newton could have been 100x bigger if they just did a few minor things different. I’d never let my customers ask questions and not respond, it looks so dead… and their blog is what, years ago?

12 days ago

They have responded to me
today and resolved isue, but I dont know how long is reliable to use service that has no support or where we not know who might be the next owner.

10 days ago

I wish they would respond to me..

10 days ago

This is their blog and if they’re not even responing to all of the negative comments both here and in their app reviews they’re obviously in trouble and don’t care any more, which has now caused me to question whether we’re even secure anymore with our information on their servers. I’ve been testing Canary, it is very secure and I believe a good replacement for Newton

10 days ago

I dont know what to say guys, I am staying with Newton for now and hopefully they resolve these issues for everyone. Its really not hard to hire a support team that would work, even if they increased subscription price I woudn’t mind personally. I tried almost all available email clients including Apple, Outlook, Sparkr, Airmail except Polymail (too expensive imo not worth it) and none are good as Newton. The closest alternative is Spikenow but few things I personally didn’t like is no ability to disable or hide that Unified inbox, Devices iPhone/Mac not sync, no option to protect with password your account on Mac in case someone else have access to computer can easily access your emails.

7 days ago

I think I’ve literally tried 13+ different clients, and i’m really bad a being ‘content’ with one, I started using mail poet 3 (check it out) and love the clean/sleek look and spend leas time with so many accounts (like myself, getting 200-300 emails a day), I honestly wanted to stick with Newton, I love their features but it’s not that secure after doing some research, I mean… just go to their blog on their main website, it’s been over a year since their last post… that right there tells you something isn’t right. I like airmail, outlook, poly is not bad, but I do use setapp (for the price, and if you use a lot of apps, its a killer deal) and you can use Canary instead of paying for Pro. And unlike with Newton, it actually works without any issues whats so ever, literally getting it subscribed on my iphone was as simple as scanning a QR code. I am a web and app developer and if I had the time, and a few other people, I feel like we could design a truly all-in-one with customizations that tailor to each. If Newton truly is understaffed, or not making enough profit to keep up, etc etc… i wish they would make it open source with excluse license rights, they can make money that way without doing anything and just make a % of a small fee from users. Anyways, after getting tired of it, I’m sticking with Canary, I love a. IT WORKS (aka they stay ontop of things) b. their security is stellar. c. same features as Newton (if email has been read, etc) but even more, it can stop emails to you if someone wants to know if you read their email. I’m not a huge fan of their UX design, its nice but i’d perfer something more like Newton or Mail Poet. If Newton really reads these, if your company is truly in some kind of … lack of. a better word, crisis? Think about license rights for us developers that can keep it up-to-date while still making extra money. I guess we’ll see.

7 days ago