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2FA no work!#778

I can not log in to Newton, because at the 2FA stage, I just do not receive any texts to my phone.
La gente del soporte es un DESASTRE!!!! No contestan los email.

2 months ago

Hi Willowdo, same situation here. Neither SMS nor call methods work. Vine acá porque no me contestan correos — esto es muy diferente a la anterior administración.

a month ago

What worries me is that I have my credit card associated with the account.

a month ago

Same here. I even tweeted the CEO of the company about it and nothing.

a month ago

@Willowdo: Justin Mitchell (@jmitch) replied to my tweet a few minutes ago with the following: “Please DM your details and the country you’re in. We had some abuse of the 2fa service that racked up a bill and disabled some countries as a stop gap.” I suggest you do the same.

a month ago

@Yaqui Gracias, This was what he replied “Ok sending this to the team to fix. Apologies for the issue”

a month ago