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How to cancel?#779


I have checked all versions of the app (Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as their website) and I cannot for the life of me find a way to cancel the subscription. Any help would be appreciated…

a month ago

I had the same dilemma for the past few days. I reached out to the Newton Mail team to ask for assistance. I learned that the 2FA platform was abused sending spams/robo sign ups so they had to take it down temporarily and whitelist users manually. So please extend patience with the processing.

I was able to logged in after getting my mobile number whitelisted. You can send Twitter DM to Justin Mitchell (@jmitch) 👍🏼✌🏼

Long live Newton Mail!

a month ago —> Manage Subscription

a month ago

I also unsubscribed and uninstalled the app.

a month ago

Same here.
No updates, the app as nice as it used to be remains undeveloped, slow and cannot keep up with existing solutions.

I used this for more than 1 year and got fed up with its performance.
It’s not worth at this price anymore - I deleted it from all my devices.

14 days ago

Same here. Been having the 500x error for over two weeks and can’t login at all. And no reply to my two emails. Deleted app, reinstalled, changed password, same issue. iOS app is 100% unusable. If this doesn’t get fixed asap, I’m going to request a refund and switch to Canary or Spark.

3 days ago