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refund everyone and go home#785

since you charge one of the highest price for an email client and you don’t even care about responding queries about a product that is not working, here is my suggestion: refund everyone and go home.

2 months ago


2 months ago

We don’t have remotely the highest price for an email client. Of the paid apps, it’s one of the lowest in fact. Superhuman is $30 a month guys. We are literally 10x cheaper

22 days ago

Still not working !

21 days ago

$49.99 a year and it does not work anymore right after I auto renewed. I can’t get ia response from their hello email address. I can’t even check my email at all in Newton anymore. I want my money back but they seem to have it designed so that you can’t talk to anybody. They obviously are not answering anybody’s email messages. I want my money back and I wish somebody could tell me an app that is similar. I have had Newton for years and have stuck to it through all of the ups and downs and shutting down and restarting and everything they’ve gone through and I have finally had it.

7 hours ago