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Is anyone getting a response from Newton?#787

My subscription auto renewed a month ago and the superchargers are not working. I’ve emailed the “hello” email twice with no response. I see a lot of people with the same issue on here. So has anyone actually had this issue resolved?

2 months ago

They don’t respond. I,ve tried to contact them. Several times in the past with no response :(

2 months ago

Same with me. Useless.

2 months ago

Same here, I havent had any luck have been trying to contact them for a while now

2 months ago

I’m facing the same, I purchased the subscription, it’s showing in Control panel but in Newton app (ios, windows) it’s still showing trial version. I don’t know what to do now.

a month ago

No respond either !!!

21 days ago

I auto renewed it as well 2 weeks ago and the superchargers stopped working. Tried logging out and logging in and that didn’t work. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and signing back in. Now I cannot even read my emails through Newton. All I get is a message that says superchargers no longer working. I have to go to each individual email account to check my Mail now and they just got $49.99 of my money and will not respond to any of my messages.

8 hours ago

Contact He solved my problem promptly.

8 hours ago