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I'll give you $20 and a bag of doritos for Newton#791

Since clearly nobody at Newton cares about it anymore, I’ll take it off your hands for $25 and a bag of doritos. Hit me up let’s make a deal.

a month ago

I care. We are just working full time jobs in addition to trying to keep Newton going.

22 days ago

There are multiple people reporting being charged for an incomplete service and not even being able to cancel the subscription because support is non existing, actions speak louder that words.
I really enjoy the email but i cannot trust a company that just ghosts their paying cutomers like that, i do hope it gets taken serious and that in the future i can actually use it.
Best of Luck

21 days ago

Justin, given the sucess of inferior products like Superhuman and mailbird, I would highly suggest doubling down and paying closer attention, improving the product to the point where it becomes attractive again, actually market it to gain more users, and flipping to a monthly subscription model. Honestly if you guys got it together, consistently improved and refined the app, and really made it a going concern I would pay more for it, but really has to agressively add new features like reading panes on desktop clients, more stability, better syncing and just overall responsiveness.

I don’t see any reason why you can’t turn it around.

Or you may as well shut it down.

21 days ago

@Justin Mitchell i agree with @Dan Millen , honesly, I looked for something that satisfies my needs better, and there isn’t one. Something like bluemail comes close but the UI/UX is terrible on desktop. And other clients just don’t do it for me, I NEED that cloudsync, zenbox and stuff that just works in newton.

19 days ago

@Justin Mitchell , I can’t stress enough that you are PAID to keep Newton going, by your customers who put trust in your abilities. And sometimes still locked out from their subscription with no help at all.
I’m sorry but responding to customer queries is not optional. Helping your paying customers who have trouble is even less so.

17 days ago

I switched to Superhuman …. Newtone UI still the best. but it doesn’t work well, full of bugs, and no updated for 9 months !!!! the most annoying newstone customer service is horible.

Conver it to opensource project, and let the community handle it

14 days ago

@Roushdy Al-Shawwa how does Superhuman handle read and link notifications? One of the big reasons I love Newton is that it has a seperate real time notification when someone reads or clicks on a link.

Also will Superhuman tell you which recipient read the message even when you’ve sent it to multiple people?

Another reason why I’m using Newton (on mobile, Mailtrack does this perfectly on desktop)

14 days ago

Pretty much similar to newton, they have the split feature, and yes it’ll tell you who read the message even if it’s sent to multiple people

It’s much more expensive, it’s designed for people who validate their time, e.g. cooperate CEOs

For the last year or so, every single person I shared an invitation with continue using it till today.

they released at least one update a month, reply to every single email and look after their clients

Give it a try

7 days ago