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Communication is key#793

Dear Newton,

You have a legion of loyal subscribers who simply want to know if this app will continue receiving updates and support. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we get semi-regular community updates regarding new features and bug fixes.

All we want is to know whether we need to move on or not. Please respect us enough to let us know.

24 days ago

iOS is getting updates this week, desktop apps should follow in coming weeks. Android app is being worked on now. We are constantly updating backend which of course you won’t see app updates for. What bugs are priority fixes for you?

22 days ago

@Justin Mitchell how about a page on the website, that lists recent bug fixes? everyone i show newton too, says its dead and don’t believe its still a viable platform.

21 days ago

Better sync with gmail. Items I archive in gmail still hang around in Newton, and vice versa. The desktop windows is wonky, slow and desperately needs a reading pane.

21 days ago

@Justin Mitchell sync is incredibly buggy. Across my devices, it’s not the same. Sync on the iPad is particularly frustrating. Sometimes when I archive emails on my Gmail, they just sit in Newton until I uninstall/reinstall the app.

Search takes forever. No matter what I search for I have to wait, sometimes minutes, to get results. This feels like low hanging fruit. Fixing this would go a long way toward improving the overall experience.

I think many are frustrated by the radio silence. As long as Newton keeps pace with the market and cares enough about the app to give it periodic updates, I will continue to pay. However, no updates, unavailable on Twitter, no blog or community updates and no road map will keep me looking for an alternative.

20 days ago

@Justin Mitchell i agree completely with @Joe Lovick

19 days ago

I completely agree. I understand it’s a side hustle for your team but we are paying customers. It’s not like you are doing a favour to us. And while it’s great that you work on app updates (secretly), a software with zero support is not very useful. Support requests are ignored for months, if not forever.
Periodic updates and support are a must, not a nice to have and would help with the perception of your app greatly.

17 days ago

We need better support for lables/folder creating in the app. Moving to a folder often results in the mail staying in the inbox. It’s hard ot work out if it’s been moved or not - I end up going to gmail to check.

14 days ago

My app is not working.
2 weeks.
No answer.

@Justin Mitchell is not answering also…

Frustrating to the top.
I paid 1 year.
Now I can’t login to control panel to cancel subscription.

Any ideas?

14 days ago

I had exactly the same problem as above. Couldn’t log in. Received an email, that my subscription would renew in one week. Of course couldn’t log in, as I said and so I cancelled the credit card connected to my account. I prefer any inconvenience, like replace credit card, than pay for a non working email client, especially one year in advance. One month later, they keep trying to charge my old card.

8 days ago

So the way to cancel Newton subscription is to replace a credit card?

3 days ago