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Here's a suggestion...........#799

Hey CloudMagic, how about you try answering your god damn email once in a while. I’ve contacted these guys, like, three times over the 5 years I’ve been using them. Never <once> have I heard a single peep back from them.

Is <everyone> getting this kind of non-responsiveness???

a month ago

Same here. They charged me the annual subscription fee twice for this year, so I wrote them asking to give my money back several times, but no answer, of course no refunds either. I will end the subscription next time. Sorry to say this but feel a little bit of relief that it’s not only me….

a month ago

It is the best email client app out there by far. I tried them all. Unfortunately the conpany has been passing through so many owners in the past years and the support team is far from being stable.
I like the interface so much and the general feeling in using this incredible piece of software that I would buy it to preserve its unique features and guarantee continuity to the product experience.
I hate to see it fall into oblivion again.
What should fans do more than supporting and begging for answers via email?
Let’s save Newton mail!

a month ago

I’ve just paid to subscribe in Jan 2023 but my desktop app and mobile apps state my account is out of trial and no superpowers. (My newton account shows an active subscription) I’ve contacted Newton 3 times to get them to fix my account, but no answer. I think Newton is little more than abandonware at this point!

18 days ago

Only way I could get in touch was through the owners twitter account. Justin Mitchell @jmitch . I do love newton. But its being left behind, by not having updates, no customer service, and lack of direction. Try and contact him on twitter hopefully you can get help that way.

16 days ago

Best way to reach out is Twitter as Darin suggested above

9 days ago

No reply to twitter DM’s. ABANDON SHIP!!

5 days ago