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Appstore has no Mac Newton#802


The Mac app is not in the store anymore - can you please add it back?? We are in UAE (united Arab Emiartes)

Thank you,


4 months ago

It’s there, you are most likely using an older version of a Mac.

4 months ago

I was able to find the app in US App Store, but it appears as though it has somehow lost all previous reviews, as I’m only seeing one that gave it 1 star. I’m expericing syncing issues and tried uninstalling and reinstalling, which did seem to fix the sync, but the app also appears to be way buggier than it was before I deleted it. Very discouraging to see all around. The uninstall/reinstall “fix” is the solution that was offered to me by someone on their “Support” team the last time I submitted a ticket about it, which was a little over a year ago in Dec. 2021. They also offered the attached workaround.

4 months ago

Yesterday I switched to Spikenow, and Im loving it. Many great features like email organization bz subject or people.. Read notifications by default, its fast, it has unified inbox although I not like it at first but as I use it more I can see its really useful thing. Canceled my newton subscription yesterday even it last until May 2023, I am just tired of their lack of support, no updates..who knows even if our data is safe with them at this point. (Just copying my comment from previous threads where I replied). The more users know about good alternative is better. Newton honestly has left us alone and they totally not deserve anyones money anymore

3 months ago

It appears the Mac app is back in the App Store and was updated 3 days ago.

2 months ago