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Newton Mail Dead? Can anyone suggest an alternative?#805


Fellow users of Newton:

I would not have liked to make this hard choice. But no options. Please suggest a good alternative. (Sales team of other email apps - please do not respond!!!)

8 months ago

Hello. I am testing spark mail. But no read tracking.

8 months ago

Yesterday I switched to Spikenow, and Im loving it. Highly recommended. I bought business plan bcz thez announce Single sign on feature soon to be added just like Newton have. Many other great features on Spike too like email organization by sender people.. Read notifications is on by default, its fast, it has unified inbox although I not like it at first but as I use it more I can see its really useful thing. Canceled my newton subscription yesterday even it last until May 2023, I am just tired of their lack of support, no updates..who knows even if our data is safe with them at this point.

7 months ago