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Still being charged every year when I cancelled 3 years ago#821

I subscribed about three years ago, but soon after that, the app started going downhill. For example, some of the integrations that were a big reason I purchased a subscription stopped working. So I cancelled after having the subscription for about a week and asked for a refund given those features no longer worked. But I never got a response, so I just accepted the loss and moved on.

A couple weeks ago, approximately 3 years since I initally signed up, I see on my bank statement that I just got charged for another year of Newton. So I went back and see that I had been charged the previous year as well, meaning that Newton has charged me two additional times ($50 per charge) ever since that first year’s subscription ended.

I first signed into the app and confirmed that my account was cancelled. So despite being errounsly charged for two years, it doesn’t even give me the premium features 😂 I also checked my subscription status by signing into the control panel on Newton’s website, which also says that my account has been cancelled.

After some more due diligence to make sure the charges weren’t due to any mistakes on my end, I sent Newton an email explaining the situation and requested a refund for at least the last two years. Several days go by, no response, I email them again. More days go by, no response, I try again etc. Nothing 😑

Seriously… What the heck happened to them. Almost feels like we should contact the police to do a wellness check on them. I checked their website FAQ’s, their blog, Twitter account, no mention of anything helpful. It takes 5 minutes to write a short tweet or blog post that could benefit everyone.

Has anyone received any sort of communication from Newton anytime at least semi-recently?

a year ago

Ran into the same issue in November, emailed them multiple times. Received a response that they would sort it out and I would get a refund. Still no refund and no further response to any emails. It was one a great app, now it feels abandoned and more like a scam.

a year ago

For whatever reason, support is only provided through Twitter, contact @jmitch there. I hope he can refund you for those years. Still, what a mess.

a year ago

Same issue. I’ve had some luck communicating with @jmitch on twitter through DM. He’s been quite helpful and informed me that the product is still being maintained and support is just two people spread across thousands of users, so response times may be slow.

a year ago

Same here - I cancelled in 2021 and I have just (2023) been invoiced for another year.

Beggars beief…

10 months ago