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Straightforward cancellation--unable to cancel subscription#836


I am super disappointed with Newton.

I loved it for the first few months I used it, but after switching from Mac to Windows, had issues refreshing my inbox. After writing customer service in 10/2022 and never receiving a reply, I decided I would stop using it and just let my year subscription run out. While I emailed customer service again to cancel my subscription prior to renewal (just under a week ago), I was not responded to and have just been charged for another year for a client I haven’t used in months.

A straightforward account management dashboard with cancellation options would make this process far easier than to wait for a response from a seemingly unmonitored email address.

If anyone could advise me on how to cancel my subscription and get a refund that would be much appreciated.

a month ago

You are able to cancel your account from provided that you paid with the same email your newton account email is under. If you didn’t, or can’t figure the panel out just DM me on twitter @jmitch with your newton email and I’ll cancel for you.

a month ago

Hi, I signed up for Newton yesterday, picking you guys up on the 14 days trial. Now, that I try and cancel my subscription it says I’m locked in until August 28, 2024! What’s going on?
Nothing works, I can’t add my email account…’s going on? You used to be pretty good

a month ago

There is a server issue at the moment that we are fixing. I’ve posted about it here. As far as being locked in, it’s a trial that concerts to a year long sub after the trial period.

a month ago

Thanks for the update. Well, I guess for now I’ll say goodbye, I’ve cancelled my subscription. I’ll check in at a later time to see whether everything’s up and running.

a month ago

I’ve canceled my subscription or at least attempled to. and Newton keeps trying to charge my card. I’ve emailed support, but never recieved an answer.
Is Newton even still operational? it wasn’t the last time i checked

a month ago

Hody if you DM me on Twitter @jmitch I can check that cancellation for you

a month ago

This time I can’t even log in to my Newton account and access emails!

Where are you from the repair with AWS?

23 days ago