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OTP 2FA is down for US customers#843

Due to a SUPER frustrating change in US law, it now takes 4 weeks to get approved to send to US numbers. If you’re unable to get OTP codes to your US number let me know and we can remove 2fa from your account temporarily. I’m struggling with another project in the non profit space that’s been rejected 3 times and now on a month long wait for approval, so it’s not just limited to Newton. Super sorry about this, it only effects folks in the US and I’ve already opened a ticket with Twilio begging them to expedite approval.

13 days ago

I need to reset and login. Please deactivate 2fa so i can get back into my account.

12 days ago

Need your newton account email. Please DM me on Twitter if you can so it’s not posted here.

12 days ago

What is your twitter handle

10 days ago

It should be done though Vonage or Twilio. Takes less than a week, they have this product standartised.

6 days ago

It is through Twilio. As of Aug 31, it doesn’t take a week. It takes 4. I have two other accounts for other companies also stuck in the same situation

6 days ago