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Newton --> Superhuman#856

For anyone interested in finding a reliable service with similar functionality to Newton, I recommend checking out Superhuman. On the surface, it’s pricey for an email app, but you get what you pay for. I connected with their team and advised them of the issue we, as a community, have been experiencing. They are working on some official offers, but I’m still determining what that ultimately will be.

In the meantime, seeing that our beloved Newton is still not fully operating, here are some details on the subscription options for Superhuman. I am involved in a non-profit, so I was able to quickly get the special price to $10 per month, which I find is the sweet spot for these types of e-mail apps.

  • If you pay for the whole year at once, we take two months off the total for $300/year.
  • If you’re a student or professor, Superhuman is $10/month or $100/year
  • Similarly, if you work for a non-profit, Superhuman is $10/month or $100/year.

Finally, if you’ve wanted to try it, you should be able to get a free month using my referral link (I get a free month too). Hopefully, Newton stays alive, but I can’t see how anyone would consider sticking around after this fumble.

Tip: Reach out to their support after the signup, and let them know you are/were a Newton user…my understanding is that they can get you down to $15 per month.


2 months ago

Superhuman offers a unique email experience, but potential users should know the following before committing:

  1. The Android app is exclusive to Gmail users. Functionality is fundamental, focusing mainly on sending and receiving emails. The feature set is minimal, with a user interface reminiscent of Newton.

  2. As of now, iCloud is not supported across any platform.

  3. For Mac users, and possibly Windows, both Outlook and Gmail are supported. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, accommodating your Exchange account.

  4. The desktop application boasts a user-friendly interface, mirroring Newton’s UI.

  5. When composing emails, there isn’t a pop-out window feature. However, a split-screen option allows simultaneous viewing of the inbox for reference.

  6. The platform is keyboard shortcut-friendly, enabling efficient email management.

If you have any additional insights or observations, please share. I’m an active Superhuman user and find it exceptionally beneficial.

2 months ago

Thanks for sharing those points @Ashkan Goshtasb. Although I hope they eventually allow for custom keyboard shortcuts so I can get the “D” key to become the Delete command, their out of the box shortcuts are solid.

2 months ago

I almost wanted to try SuperHuman, but only support for Outlook/Gmail? Not even bog standard IMAP/SMTP? I mean, come on. Of the 21 accounts I currently have in Newton, only 7 are Gmail/Outlook.

2 months ago

@Siracacl, I am not sure why they have such limited support for email services…but I believe that it did support generic IMAP accounts at one point. It’s been one of the turn-offs for me, but for work, I use Outlook, and the biggest need is to manage the vast amount of emails I receive daily efficiently, so at $10, it’s worth it (I use Apple Mail for personal accounts).

2 months ago

Honestly, right now I’d even spend $50 a month for a service that takes all my email and syncs it across all my devices without a hiccup. (Un)fortunately, my company does not use Gmail/Outlook. Using Apple Mail or similar is cumbersome for me because I would have to set up all my accounts on each device individually, not to mention using both Windows/macOS and iOS/Android devices at the same time. And this is where Newton was perfect. Log in once on each device, done. Accounts/settings synced. Fortunately, Newton more or less works for me right now.

2 months ago

Siracacl the app “Spark” does this and does it well. I have switched to that until Newton becomes stable again. Honestly, I would stick with them 100% if they did read receipts. I love how they have incorporated AI into their app. It’s fantastic.

2 months ago

I’ve been using Spark (paid) for a while but personally don’t feel it is a great replacement for Newton. It syncs pretty well, absolutely, but unfortunately only the inbox folder of each account (Newton can sync all folders of each account if you configure it to - with Notifications).

Also, the use of (unified) folders in Spark drives me mad: I have to click on unified folders (e.g. INBOX) first to then choose the account I actually want to only see mails from. A simple view (account -> folders of each account) would suffice.

AI on the other hand is indeed really nice! Read receipts I can personally do without because their use is questionable at best.

2 months ago

I have found that a very good alternative is Canary. It’s definitely good and I’ve been liking it for the last 6 months :)

2 months ago

Ok, let me break it down to you: paying $10 per month or $300 a year for a mail app is not a sweet spot, it is INSANE. To say it politely. For that amount of money you get the microsoft subscription, get the world standard office apps, 1TB of cloud space and outlook. It is certainly not the same as newton or superhuman but honestly, the prices for superhuman are simply crazy.

a month ago