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Stealing money second year in a row#863

After several emails and a twitter message last year to cancel, I was charged anyway. Went through my bank to get the charge reversed only to get charged again this year. This is insane. So, you subscribe once, and will get charged yearly for life? I should have never subscribed outside of the apple in-app purchases. At least we are protected from this type of fraud. I can’t even unsubscribe from your service through your portal because it says I don’t have a subscription!!! Perhaps a lawsuit will get you to delete my info and stop charging me?

a month ago

They’re Indians. Of course they scam. I was charged, which I wanted to continue using it, but my emails no longer synced properly. Took a few hours for them to pop up. I emailed constantly and they’d read my emails and never reply. Filed dispute too and got money back

a month ago

Same thing happened to me
Two years in a row
Hadn’t even thought about newton since they charged me against my will last year
Then I got an email last week saying I’d be charged soon for another year
I wrote back saying I cancelled and demanded my money back a year ago and please do not charge me this year.
They did anyway
I replied again and said if I don’t hear back soon I’ll call my credit card company and refuse payment which I should have done last year!

19 days ago