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Newton not syncing once again#869

After a couple of months of mostly good functionality, Newton once again is not syncing on my work’s gmail and exchange Grrrr.

7 months ago

@Justin Mitchell The problems are recurring. It’s less cleaer whether re-authorizing or logging out and logging back helps. Please fix this problem once again and fix the address book issue that you broke fixing the sync issue a few months ago.

7 months ago

This problem is worsening @Justin Mitchell @Justin Mitchell !

Now when I try to reauth my employer gmail, I am getting this error:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

6 months ago

You could try sending Justin Mitchell a DM on X, he did respond to me about an issue I had (and still have) in not being able to re-add my Gmail account back to Newton. I was very patient when they had the server issues, being an IT professional myself, given I’d just renewed my subscription just before but now patience is running out. Not going to chase a third time, now to look for an alternative that’s fully supported.

4 months ago