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Where is the Newton app for Windows?#888

Where the hell is the Newton App gone from the Microsoft store? After a hard reset, I just reinstalled my Windows, and I can’t find the Newton app for Windows anywhere. The official download link redirects to the Microsoft store, where the app has been deleted.
I already tried contacting the support team, but they have chosen not to answer.

19 days ago

Dude, have you read the previous messages here? Don’t you see the disaster Newton turned into?

16 days ago

:o what is it? jsut had a look and it was people complaining for refunds, nobody seems to care that the app is no longer available on windows!

15 days ago

This app is a sinking ship. Nothing works, developers are silent they are still taking peoples money and behave like a bunch of criminals. Don’t you see that there is absolutely no development?

15 days ago

yea man .. but still couldn’t find a better alternative. I have tried almost all the mail clients except SuperHuman, and always feels like going back to the Newton.
Curently i have 3 paid apps, Spike, MailSpring & Spark. I have reinstalled both Spike and Mailspring to get used to them but can’t.

15 days ago

You will like Edison Mail. They now support mobile and Windows. Almost the exact same (free). Just doesn’t have read receipts yet. Pretty impressive.

12 days ago

They should release the code and let others maintain the app, I understand that the developers themselves had said that they would do so if the project were to fail, well it is time to do so so that they are consistent in the situation

9 days ago