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HELP! You've taken money from my account without permission!#896

I cancelled my account, and am not even able to log into an account, because it says I don’t have one. But I’ve just had money taken from my account to ‘renew’. No one is responding to my emails or messages through twitter.

How do I get my money back and stop future payments coming out???

a month ago

Call your bank and dispute it. Newton is over. They need to be reported so they take down the app on the app stores.

a month ago

I talked to my bank, they said that because the money was directly taken from my account the only way forward is to change my bank account number so it doesn’t happen again, which is a MASSIVE inconvenience, to then have to update anyone else I work with.

a month ago

Last month the same happend to me, disputed the charge, and got my money back. also I did cancelled the account about 7 months in the past because of sync problems, and stopped using it. So I was surprised when I got the charge… no response via email or phone… they use a third party service for the automated charges… and they direct you to the business… they did not care that they are unresponsive.

3 days ago